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About Us

About MCDI Nigeria

Mentoring and Career Development Institute of Nigeria (MCDI) is a professional body founded in January 2018, driven by the desire to foster a mentoring culture within the workplace towards helping people build their careers for optimum personal and societal development. It is clear that so much knowledge is lost in our society as a result of the absence of the necessary platforms to encourage the passing on of knowledge from one generation to the other.

This institute will provide the necessary motivation, education and structures to;
  • Enhance professional development and leadership skills of members.
  • Facilitate formal mentoring schemes both in the workplace and the open national space.
  • Grow a new set of corporate and national leaders.

The institute has working relationship with the International Mentoring Association in the USA and seeking other such relationships in different parts of the world, with a view to broadening our offerings. Ultimately, members will be able to earn certificates in key subject areas and gain proficiency in mentoring skills and strategies.

Our Mission

To promote career development and facilitate professional best practices using mentoring and other associated tools.

Our Vision

To be the world class Institute promoting mentoring as a tool for Individual and National development.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the culture of mentoring in all spheres of national life.
  • To use mentoring as a vehicle for the promotion of individual, institutional and national development.
  • To create mentoring systems that will facilitate skills development.
  • To examine, grade and certify members according to global best practices and standards.
  • To foster the development of professional relationships among its members.
  • To share the skills and knowledge of successful, experienced, and highly competent people with others.
  • To link mentees with mentors together with a view to establishing professional relationships.
  • To create a culture of continuous learning through individual development and knowledge transfer.
  • To help members plan, develop, grow, and manage their careers through the development of leadership competencies.
  • To assist bridge the gap between theory and practice through hands-on experience.
  • To seek collaboration, partnership and affiliations with similar professional bodies for the promotion of the institute‚Äôs objects.

Our Structure

Governing Council

The National Governing Council is the highest policy making and approving body of the Institute. It is made up of a minimum of 15 members, comprising of members of the National Executive Committee, Chairmen & Secretaries of Branches, Registrar/ Administrative Secretary, Chairmen of National Committees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for running the Institute as the main working organ and shall carry out such other functions as may be devolved to it by the Governing Council. It is comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman (two), Secretary and Treasurer.


The day-to-day activity of the Institute is run by the Administrative Secretary.